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Our compressed air experts help business owners make informed decisions and smart investments to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs at their facility.

From choosing the right compressor to meet your application’s unique needs to developing a planned maintenance program that maintains optimal results and extends the life of equipment, Compressor Services can help!

We rock around the clock with 24 Hour Emergency service and provide a wide variety of innovative, sustainable air solutions to meet your needs. Give us a call for a free quote or fill out the contact form to schedule a free air system evaluation today.

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Our Three Most Popular Compressors

GX Series
Most Popular & Versatile
8.5 – 58.9 CFM Capacity
3 – 15 HP motor power
107 – 181 psig working pressure

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GA 18-37 with Variable Speed Drive
30.7 – 243.4 CFM Capacity
25 – 50 HP motor power
58 – 175 psig working pressure
Exceeds NEMA Premium efficiency requirements

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Oil-Free SF Scroll Compressor
5.7 – 41.1 CFM Capacity
2 – 30 HP motor power
116 – 145 psig working pressure
Noise level: 53 dB (A) to 68 dB (A)

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