Piston Compressors

Piston Compressors

When you have a low demand for compressed air but it is still critical to operation, a piston compressor from Chicago Pneumatic is the perfect fit.

Whether you need low or high pressure, on-frame or vessel mounted, commercial grade or industrial strength, Compressor Services has a piston compressor to meet your needs. Like the Professional Series for small to mid-size applications such as auto body shops. Or the Industrial Series for maximum output and reliability in mission-critical operations.     

Piston compressors carry low maintenance costs and can be positioned near the point-of-use for ease or necessity. This makes them a preferred choice for many business owners looking to maximize ROI and efficiency with a high-performance machine.    

Chicago Tough Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic piston compressors are rugged, reliable, and ready to go. Easy installation with flexible application, they are built to serve intermittent air demands with force. The long life cycle and cast iron construction are results of 115 years of excellence. The quality and dependability of these machines are simply unmatched. 

Total System Solutions

A more efficient piston compressor is just one solution to improving your compressed air system.  

Compressor Services specializes in helping business owners reduce energy and equipment costs by implementing proven strategies to maximize ROI. Whether it’s a more efficient system design, air treatment products to improve the quality of your air, or a new piston compressor, we can help.    

Compressor Services is your one stop shop for industrial air compressors and air treatment products. Contact us today for a free quote!