Oil Free Compressors

Oil-Free Compressors

When Class Zero oil-free air is critical to operation, you need compressed air technology you can count on. 

Chicago Pneumatic serves this need with their innovative line of ISO-certified oil-free air compressors.    These high-performance industrial compressors eliminate risk of contamination and harmful emissions to achieve peace of mind and reduced energy costs for the business owner. They are more durable and require less maintenance which helps maximize long-term ROI. 

Chicago Pneumatic’s oil-free compressors are trusted by the world’s largest industries, from pharmaceutical facilities and chemical processing plants, to food and beverage, and electronics manufacturing. For mission-critical facilities, Chicago tough is requirement. 



SPR Series Oil-Free Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic’s SPR Series oil-free compressors range from 2-30 horsepower and deliver a powerful stream of clean quality air where you need it, when you need it. They are compact, quiet, and highly efficient. The flawless design includes an integrated dryer and organized piping system to realize a low pressure drop and maximum savings. The built-in benefits of these machines are unparalleled.

Chicago Pneumatic Sales, Service & Repair

Compressor Services is an authorized distributor of Chicago Pneumatic air compressors and air treatment products. Our experienced team can help you find the best compressed air equipment to meet your needs. Whether you need an oil-free air compressor for your facility, or repair of an existing unit, we can help! 

For more information on Chicago Pneumatic air compressors, or a free quote, contact us today!