AIRnet Piping

AIRnet Piping from Chicago Pneumatic

AIRnet is an optimized piping solution for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications. 

AIRnet pipes and connections reduce friction and prevent leaks that cost you cash. The system is safe, flexible, and ensures 100% oil-free air when needed. With a large number of reusable and interchangeable components, it is  a perfect solution to tailor the most efficient piping network for your facility.

AIRnet piping is easy to install- no welding, crimping or gluing required. It is leak-proof and corrosion-free, and comes with a ten year warranty.   

For the most reliable and efficient air piping solution, choose AIRnet from Chicago Pneumatic.  

Fast & Easy Installation

Compared to traditional piping, AIRnet piping can be installed 85% faster. The entire system install can be done by one person with simple tools.  

Optimize Efficiency

AIRnet piping is a high-end solution designed to reduce friction and maximize efficiency of your system. With endless possibilities and ultimate flexibility, it is the perfect solution for nearly every facility.  

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