Air Treatment Products

Air Treatment Products

Get the most innovative and effective solutions to maximize efficiency of your system. 

Chicago Pneumatic offers a full line of dryers, filters, oil-water separators and other air treatment products designed to protect your system and the environment. These products reduce costs, extend the lifetime of equipment and tools, and reduce the possibility of contamination. They are built to perform and last.      

Let Compressor Services optimize the efficiency and reliability of your compressed air system. We specialize in the sales, installation, maintenance and repair of Chicago Pneumatic compressors and air treatment products. Our team can help you find the right fit for your facility and deliver a full system solution to maximize return on investment.     


Get clean, dry air with the most reliable refrigerated air dryers designed for extreme conditions and industrial applications. With several compact, affordable, and easy-to-install options available, there is no reason not to have one. 

Oil-Water Separators

Oil-water separators are like filters designed to catch particles of oil less than 10 microns in size. For eco-friendly condensate treatment products that maintain the integrity of your system and reduce operating costs, choose Chicago Pneumatic. 

Line Filters

Reduce the amount of dust and hydrocarbons in your air with CP’s high-performance line filters. These will help extend the lifetime of equipment and tools while providing ultimate protection and security. 

Air Receivers

Reduce the risk of unstable pressure peaks and condensate with and air receiver designed to stabilize air flow. An air receiver will improve efficiency and reliability of your system while providing peace of mind for your operation.  

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