ZT/ZR 55-90 & ZR 90 VSD

Angled view of Atlas Copco ZR 90 oil free rotary screw compressorZT/ZR 55-90 & ZR 90 VSD Oil-free Rotary Tooth Compressor

Providing low vibration, high performance and a lifetime of reliability, these compressors are a cost-effective solution for any application. Available in both water cooled and air cooled models.

• 159 – 555 CFM Capacity
• 75 – 120 HP motor power
• 109 – 145 psig working pressure
• Noise level: 65 dB (A)
• Two-year warranty

Our compressors cut costs
VSD can reduce energy costs up to 35% by adjusting air supply to demand. Power consumption is reduced by 7% and Free Air Delivery is increased up to 8%. When it comes to an efficient oil-free rotary tooth compressor, the savings start here.

Innovative technology
Take advantage of today’s technology for an optimized air system tomorrow. Our answer to advanced monitoring and control, Elektronikon, regulates pressure, controls the main drive motor, even sets smart alarms and notifications with extra sensors.


Improve your compressed air system today.